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Beat Ageism in the Workplace With Your Resume

We do our best to not let age define us in our career, but sometimes there are hidden signs that our age is impacting our career. Whether it’s unintentional bias or outright ageism in the workplace, age does have an impact on whether or not you’re considered for promotions, new

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What Shows Up On a Background Check for Employment

One of the biggest things that cause concern and anxiety for job seekers and professionals are background checks that are often associated with pre-employment checks or employment verifications. Often times this anxiety isn’t the result of what might be found in the background check but is related to the overall

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10 Tips to Ace a Text Interview

Companies are doing all they can to maximize their recruiting efforts, and they’re turning to new technology or new recruiting methods to improve their ability to find top tier talent. One of the ways that companies and employers are doing this is through the use of text interviews. These text-based

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