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Finding a job during a recession can be difficult! Make Your Resume Stand Out in a Recession!

How To Find Passion For Work

Throughout your career, you might find that you have ups and downs when it comes to your passion for work. It’s something that we all go through, and it’s important to renew the passion you have for your work, to ensure that you’re able to find something meaningful to you

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Boost Your Resume During Seasonal Hiring

If you’re looking for a full time job, you should keep your prospects open to seasonal hiring positions. Seasonal jobs have plenty of benefits that you might not have considered when browsing job sites to identify potential opportunities. Throughout the year, there will be an increase in demand for qualified

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Make Your Resume Stand Out in a Recession

The economy has been showing signs of slowing down for quite some time, and with a potential recession looming near due to a variety of circumstances, professionals and job seekers need to make sure that their resume is prepared for a potential recession if and when it comes. With each

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How To Turn an Internship Into a Full-Time Job

Landing an internship is critical to gaining some professional experience and showcase that you have real-world experience that would make you a valuable asset to their organization. However, it’s not always a guarantee that an internship will turn into a full-time job opportunity when it’s over, or that the internship

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Why Cover Letters are So Important

One of the most underrated aspects of any job search is the cover letter. So many professionals and job seekers spend countless hours perfecting their resume making sure they don’t have any glaring resume flaws. While this is a fantastic way to ensure that your resume is strong, it also

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5 Things That Set Your Executive Resume Apart

When it comes to writing an executive resume, it’s important to set yourself apart to secure those management and executive-level positions. Even if you’ve got a boat load of experience, it can still be difficult setting yourself apart from the competitive field that you’ll be competing against. We’ve outlined some

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Essential Parts of a Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is still an essential part of securing that job that you’re applying to. While some job postings no longer require that you spend time filling out, drafting, or coming up with a cover letter, nearly every position you apply to will still require that you at

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25 Common Cover Letter Phrases You Should Avoid

When you’re trying to establish yourself as the leading candidate, setting a good impression is critical to finding success. Using the right wording and highlighting important parts of your resume without sounding corny or annoying is important. A strong cover letter can help you make up ground on your resume,

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5 Steps You Can Take To Switch To Your Dream Job

They say that job opportunities are hard to come by and will never knock twice and often circumstances push us to take a different direction instead of following the path to pursue the career that we are passionate about. In today’s modern society, we often grab the first chance of

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Benefits of Moving for a Job

With the modern economic climate, one of the things that many job seekers and professionals are actively considering is whether or not they should begin to seek new jobs in different locations throughout the country. We’ve taken the time to outline some of the key benefits for job seekers and

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