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— Our Mission Is To Help You Elevate Your Career —

We’ve been in your shoes before. We know the struggles job seekers and professionals face when they’re trying to improve their career, so we built a platform designed to put you in charge.

About Us

At ResumeCompass, our goal is to give job seekers and professionals the tools they need to succeed throughout their career. We want to provide robust tools, features, professional services, and insights that actually make a difference. We don’t believe in generic recommendations, feedback, or products. We focus on providing authentic and tailored service, features, and tools that will help job seekers and professionals overcome the hurdles they’re facing.

How We Started

The Inspiration
The idea for ResumeCompass came about several years ago when our founder was facing the same struggles that many job seekers and professionals currently experience — not hearing back from companies when you submit your resume for a job application.
The common questions started to creep in: “Is there something wrong with my resume?“, “Is it formatted properly?“, “Am I not including the correct keywords?“, “Am I lacking experience?“.

Our Mission

To correct this, ResumeCompass was founded in 2020 and built from the ground up to put the power back into the hands of job seekers and professionals to eliminate that uncertainty that professionals face on a daily basis. We believe in creating and providing the best tools, features, services, and insights to those who want to elevate their career. Professionals shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to succeed in the modern work world, and we take pride in crafting the best tools and services at an affordable rate for every professional.